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Legacy-funded Bird Projects, 2001-2004

01-134 Conservation of Indigenous Birds on Wake Atoll - Fact Sheet

01-1715 Survival Rates and Productivity of Landbirds on Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - Fact Sheet

02-103 Identifying Management Actions on DoD Bases to Reverse the Declines in Neotropical Birds - Fact Sheet

03-103 Management Strategies for Reversing Declines In Landbirds of Conservation Concern On Military Installations

03-105 Landscape Analysis for Grassland Bird Conservation in the Eastern U.S.

03-144: Enhancement of reference collections for bird strike identifications - Year 2 (00-144)
POC: Carla Dove/Smithsonian Institution
Synopsis: Conclusion of FY00 project to collect and analyze scientific avian voucher specimens from two foreign bases for use in BASH identifications.

03-184: Survival and Movement Patterns of Juvenile Burrowing Owls (Athene cunicularia) on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and Tucson Basin, Tucson, Arizona
POC: Dave Grandmaison/Arizona Game and Fish Department

03-1875: DDT Contamination of Migrating Birds Using White-faced Ibis as an Indicator Species - Year 2 (99-1875)
POC: Blake Henke/Earthspan
Synopsis: This follow-on project will entail a 2nd yr. of satellite tracking of DDT contaminated white-faced ibis from breeding grounds to their wintering locations. There, sampling (along with chemical analyses) will be conducted to determine the sources.

04-186 Modeling Overwintering Survival of Declining Landbirds

04-199: A Multinational Study of Neotropical Migrants- the Western Sandpiper as an example - Year 2 (03-199)
POC: Patricia Baird/California State Univ.-Long Beach
Synopsis: To determine international western migration routes of Western Sandpiper, an indicator species for Neotropical migrant waterbirds.