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Don�t Let Your Cat Go AWOL: Indoor Cats Are Safe Cats

Military bases often struggle with how to manage domestic cat populations. Frequent transfers of personnel often mean cats are left behind, abandoned to fend for themselves. Lucky cats find a new human, but most are not so fortunate. Abandoned cats face many dangers: being hit by cars, starving, freezing temperatures, disease, and more. If not spayed or neutered, cat populations can explode. Learn how you can keep your cat safe and protect wildlife.

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Quantities are available for Base Housing or Veterinarian offices.

2011 State of the Birds Report
Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Agriculture Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment Harris Sherman released the 2011 State of the Birds Report on 3 May 2011, the nation�s first assessment of birds on lands and waters owned by the American people. The findings indicate tremendous potential for bird conservation: these publicly owned habitats support at least half of the entire U.S. distributions of more than 300 bird species.
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� Download the 2-page DoD profile from the 2011 State of the Birds report.

Bird Conservation on DoD Lands map

Steppingstones of Migration poster

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