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Archived Fact Sheets

DoD PIF Fact Sheets

About DoD PIF (2009) Download
DoD PIF Programs (2009) Download
DoD PIF Priority Species for Monitoring (2014) Download
BASH (Bird/Animal Aircraft Strike Hazard) (2013) Download
Important Bird Areas (2014) Download
International (2013) Download
West Nile Virus (2010) Download
Bluebirds on DoD Lands (2010) Download
Species of Concern Database Download

DoD PIF-FWS Fact Sheets

Red-cockaded Woodpecker (2004) Download
Greater Sage-Grouse (2007) Download
Northern Aplomado Falcon (2007) Download

DoD-FWS Fact Sheets

Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans (2004) Download
Protecting Endangered Species on Military Lands: Successful Species Recovery (2004) Download